Report by Lily, age 10

As Girl Scouts we sell delicious cookies such as Thin Mints and Caramel Delights! Our troop sold 4,443 cookies with our top seller still being Thin Mints. To order Girl scout Cookies, contact us next year (we will post our link) in January or find a cookie booth via the Citrus Council locator.

At a Publix Cookie Booth

We had 287 cookies donated by Care to Share. Care to Share is where you can donate cookies to the military and Second Harvest Food Bank. As a troop, we donated an additional 82 boxes to Cookies for the Cure, a local program giving a box to cancer patients and 25 to the local fire department.

We also sold at least one box of cookies to all 50 states!

Patch by Mad about Patches

Thank you so much for supporting our troop and others. Have a cookielicious day!

Troop 2059 picks up our cookies at the warehouse!
MaryAnn Barry, CEO of Citrus Council, with our troop leader at Cookie Megadrop