By Ava, age 9

On January 7th, our troop hosted our first Daisy Garden Journey as Junior Scouts! It was held at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church from 9:00am-1:00pm.

During this Journey, we did several activities with the Daisy troops.  We had several stations set up for them to rotate through during the day. I was at the flower headband-making station which was so much fun! 

After the Daisies went through each station, we sang some Daisy songs and played a game called, “Act like the Animal in the garden.” We shared some snacks during snack time and so much more. 

The highlight of the afternoon was when Tinkerbell came to visit. The Daisies were so excited to see her. Our Junior troop was too. 

We worked very hard and from our teamwork, we each earned our Junior Aide badge. I felt very proud as a Junior to have helped lead my first Scout-led Journey. 

I can’t wait until our troop does it again.

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